Organic Gardening Tips

Organic gardens are growing to a large extent due to its healthy and environment friendly way. Most of the people are looking for ways which can help them to grow organic gardens in their open space. If you are a great admirer of flower bearing plants and trees then you can  plan an organic garden which is less cost effective and harmless to your pet animals and birds. Its importance has increased from the last years as people have become more aware to save environment from harsh chemicals and sprays.

Those who produce organic fruits, herbs, vegetables in their garden are useful to eat as they are completely natural without the use of any artificial fertilizers to promote their growth. It is completely chemical free and safe for birds who visit your garden to suck the nectar of sweet-scented flowers and feed on pollen grains.

Here are the tips to follow to maintain an organic garden.

  • As there are many plants and crops available in the market, the best advice is to pick the one you like and suitable for your climate and location condition. It is important to select in this way. If you are a beginner then it is best to start gardening with vegetables and beans.
  • Prepare proper containers so that it is easy to plant seeds according to season. After the seeds sprout with leaves, you can transfer it into the soil of your garden. It it is not grown yet then you have to prepare the soil by adding organic matter to plant it further.
  • There is no need to purchase separate containers as you can make use of milk cartons, yogurt containers, juice cans and tubes of chips.
  • If you don’t want to use them then visit a gardening center or a nursery to purchase the containers. Make sure that the containers are 4 inches deep inside.
  • After getting the containers, clean it with lukewarm water and chlorine bleach to eliminate bacteria. Leave it open to sunrays to wipe the other residues in it.
  • In case of planting mix, you find ready made packets which help the plant to grow healthy. Add them to the soil and mix it. Make sure that your planting mixes are sterilized as it is much safer for you and your plants.
  • Make labeling for containers not to get confused in identifying the plants.
  • Provide sufficient light for some lights and shade for other plants as some are resistant to sun rays and some are sensitive to the light.
  • Organic gardening helps you from all troubles in the future when compared to other gardens where the plants are grown in the normal way.

Final thoughts

Organic gardening tips help you to keep your garden and its soil free from getting dried quickly. You must be always plucking the weeds as they increase the pests in the garden. The more it is weed free, the less pests breed in your lawn. Therefore follow every tip to maintain healthy growing of plants and trees which give you fruits and flowers regularly.


What are Nematodes?

The nematodes are the species which occur naturally on earth and already present in the soil. They are not unsafe and risky. But all of the nematodes are not safe as  some of them are parasites which causes diseases in animals and human beings. And also there a few species that are used to control pests in the garden in a natural way while some attack the  living plants and feed on them.

Some describe them as worms as they are related to true worms. Actually they are the species with smooth and unsegmented bodies which are so tiny to see them. Some are of pear shape and others are long in shape and slender. They are environmentally friendly and fit to use in the garden to get rid of uncontrollable pests.

On what do they feed?

Some nematodes makes burrows into the tissues of plants while some feed on the outer surface of plants and damage stems, flowers and foliage. It does not matter where they feed but these tiny creatures  seriously spoil the plants with their sharp mouth which they use to puncture the sell oof leaves and plants. Actually the main damage to the plant occurs when the nematodes inject its saliva into the plant cell and then sucks the useful nutrients of plants by damaging them or leading them to lifeless.

Benefits of using nematodes in your garden

You find general nematodes and beneficial nematodes which are friendly to gardeners. You can use them in your garden in an easy way.

  • They are very effective on pests and insects.
  • Easy to apply before dawn and after dusk.
  • Are harmless to birds and children.
  • Are perfectly safe to use on food crops and other useful plants.
  • Most of the commercial gardeners and farmers use these nematodes to control pest in their farm and garden and can be found more in number if you plant the trees and plants by which they get attracted.

How to get the best from nematodes?

To acquire the best from these worms, you need to apply them to the moist soil as it lets them to move freely in moist soil. It is best if you apply them in the evening when watering the plants. You can use fertilizers with nematodes as it works best with plants and even in killing the pests. Make sure that the soil is always damp as it is useful for nematodes to come above the soil and feed on pests and insects.

In what way do they work on pests?

Being aggressive in nature, they attack the insects and pests by entering into the body openings of the  insects and release bacteria that kills insects. This way it kills the pests quickly. As the nematodes reproduce inside the dead pests,  a new generation is formed to disperse the nest pests from the garden without harming the plants.

Thus, ensure that you are watering the garden and lawn continuously after applying nematodes in every corner of the garden where you feel the pests located over there. Make sure that the grass on the lawn does not get dry after applying nematodes as it won’t prove effective in dry conditions.

Source: Beneficial insects

What are Beneficial Nematodes?

Those who are garden enthusiasts and has a good collection of different plants in the garden attain benefits through this beneficial nematodes. It gives value to plants and soil by controlling the unwanted insects and flies present in the soil. It is sometimes so hard to manage the different types of insects, worms, ants, flies and cutworms which spoils the growth of plants.

When you treat the plant  with beneficial nematodes which are present in the soil , then they control pest insects , larvae or grubs that are always harmful to the growth of plants. These nematodes target only the pests from entering through the mouth of larvae, respiratory opening or any other opening and starts feeding on them. This product is not open to the elements like animals and human beings which causes health risk

How to apply these beneficial nematodes?

You need to follow certain steps in applying them. Actually, nematodes require damp soil to find the host as it becomes difficult for them to move in dry soil. You must add water to the pest infested region before adding nematodes. There should be limited water as excessive amounts of water will not attack the pests.

It is very simple to apply in an optimum time when there are larvae in soil. You must mix this with water and spread on the soil where there are crops and big useful plants.

What actually are these nematodes in general?

They are roundworms from a film nematode class which reside in huge amounts in the soil. Most of them are better known as plant parasitic organisms which are found upon plant roots. On the other hand , researches have proved that nematodes are more advantageous which help in a complete way in controlling harmful pests and also in the degradation of organic matter.

Best natural way to get rid of insects that destroy lawns and useful plants

Beneficial nematodes are very effective on grubs, larvae, flea beetles, cutworms, black vine weevils, June beetles, rose chafer, army worms and other insects. To control all these pests, nematodes are the only organisms that naturally attack a wide variety of pests in agricultural farm and in your garden.

Storage and handling of this  natural pest control

  • You have to follow the instructions on the package for best method of mixing it in water. There are different formulations for different insects.
  • They can be mixed in water and stored in a cool place, but should not be placed in a hot vehicle or left in spray bottles or tanks for a long time.
  • It is because, nematodes require moisture to move freely in soil. Take care to use the only required amount of water to soak the soil.

Application is easy to follow

Sometimes, most of the nematodes are compatible when used in a pressurized form, through aerial sprayers, in the form of mist or through pump sprayers. Every method you follow to apply it works well. Nowadays the farmers are using these for an irrigation system to save some useful crops.

They don’t need any mask or other safety equipment as they are safe for animals and human beings as they don’t leave any residues after application.

Use of organic pests controls for your garden

Gardening is the passion of nature lovers who like to plant every species of trees and plants in their open place or in the backyard. Mainly, it is understood by gardeners about the advantages of gardening which adds value to your property and also maintains the health of your family. As you have decided to set up a garden, you need to know about plants which are suitable to your region to grow. For that you must gain knowledge of gardening by knowing the types of methods used in maintaining it. Initially, learn about the plants which you are going to plant or maintain as organic gardening. If you go through certain websites, you find organic growing methods which are definitely going to prove useful to you.

It is natural that pests get attracted to plants as soon as you plant them in the soil. It is not an issue as you have many pests control solutions and pesticides to use to control them. If you are concerned more about organic methods to maintain garden then there are natural fertilizers in the form of beneficial nematodes which kills the pests from entering into their body and spreading poison. There is no harm to plants and animals from them as they are safe to use on plants soil. As you know organic fertilizers are different from chemical fertilizers, you can add required amount of them to soil which promotes the growth of root systems to make the plants healthier.

Important steps to follow

In addition to control of pests, it is important to amend soil with nutrients and enzymes which improves the texture of soil and enhances its productivity. Naturally, it is common that you follow the old procedures of gardening in the form of mixing compost with soil and planting trees by adding more amount of water. Actually as you have to add soil inoculants to make the sole beneficial to grow fruit bearing trees and plants.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage other pests which are stuck deep into holes and burrows of lawn. In such conditions, there are traps and lures to control insects and efficient ways. These traps and lures are reused by replacing the removable sticky pad to trap the insects. These sticky pads attract a specific range of insects in the form of trap. You can use it to trap flies even at home . If you wish to try it then you can order it in large quantities  to use all through the year. Make searches on websites to find the best natural pesticides to control pests in your garden.

Final thoughts

If you are confused in selecting proper pest controlling methods then you can look into website which provides you more information on controlling pest, mosquitoes and saving your pet animals from getting bitten by harmful and poisonous insects. There are many featured products and natural ways  to capture flying pests and the pests which come out after dusk. Every easy and friendly method is available to make your work easy and simple.

Just go through the website which provides vast information on natural fertilizers and pesticides to use for your garden.

How to make a Beautiful Garden

When you begin the arrangements for a garden in your back yard or in the open place on the front side of your house then the first thing that comes to your mind is the basics of gardening tips. They are more important to learn because you must have knowledge of the plants the which are suitable to grow in your region and climate. You need to know about the nature of soil and plants which are suitable to grow in your garden with this, you can enjoy gardening with success by using the gardening tips and its benefits.

Keys to achieve a beautiful garden

The main key to achieve a beautiful and aromatic garden is by creating proper plan  and selecting the plants which are good for your garden and preparation of the soil. Planning is important because it makes you consider all the sites and directions which are best for the layout of the garden. The design must include the space for trees and shrubs with adequate ground.

The soil must be fertile and suitable for all plants. Actually what is followed on nowadays is that gardeners are demanding natural ways to make the soil fertile and rich with nutrients by spreading droppings and other natural fertilizers. This makes the soil condition to succeed in giving proper growth to trees to survive in any climatic condition in the garden.

Make good ground preparation in your garden

Good ground preparation is more important for a new prospective garden. If you don’t have an idea about it then you can observe on the internet or on television, where the presenters will advise you the way to prepare grounds for planting trees and shrubs. As a beginner it may be difficult but if you practice it then you can learn easily the way to plant trees according to root development.

After making ground preparations add sufficient nutrients and compost to the soil for the benefit of the plant. Nix the soil with plenty of rotten manure as it makes the plant fit to rear in the soil. Follow the same procedure for the plants and then add water regularly until they are established in their place.

Make your garden magical

It was heard from grandma’s stories about the magical garden of fairies which have full of enchanted plants and flowers. It is not just in the stories, you can create such a garden by planting fairy friendly flowers which attracts beautiful insects and birds to your garden. Definitely, your family is going to like this idea of magical gardens. As your children believe in fairies and magical plants, they dream of fairies visiting to their garden.

To create a magical garden, you need to plant fantasy plants, fragrant plants and trees which bear sweet smell fruits. It can be a hard thing but a little effort can add glory to your garden.

Final thoughts

Thus, enhance the open place in front of your house into the garden and create beautiful place where your children can play and enjoy the beautiful nature and know about the insects and birds that visit to the garden to suck nectar from flowers.

Live Ladybugs

Do you know more number of people release live ladybugs in their gardens to control pest in a natural way.  While this is a general act to take care of pest problems, but it is also effective to get rid of predators in a friendly way and are cost effective to use. Definitely, they are going to protect your garden from pests and mites.

Actually, the folks today show a lot of interests in organic gardening which is the best method to control insects without the use of any dangerous pesticides. As there are many ways to control pests, but this is the most effective one to follow immediately, which is easy and good for the soil.

How to use live ladybugs to control pests?

As ladybugs are the friendliest insect you ever find in the garden, you can order them online which will be shipped to you within 8-10 working days. When you receive it, you need to free them in your garden which will occupy their place on the leaves of plants. Their black and red striped larvae consists of an insatiable appetite for soft bodied insects which are aphids, that feed on plants and suck its life.

As it is reproductive, a single lady bug can lay eggs in number of leaves near the colonies of aphids and feed on them. These ladybug species controls the pests by eating them away. Therefore it has been termed that these insects are a gardener’s friend to take care of plants in  a friendly way without the use of any harsh pesticides. It is even believed that those who see this bug on their body consider it as a sign of good luck for them.

When to release them in the garden?

As lady bugs have their own nature to act upon pests, they work actively in warm temperatures. So it is better if you release defenders the morning hours when it is cool weather. This makes the ladybugs search for prey in the garden.

Natural way to attract ladybugs into your garden

If you like to follow natural method of attracting live lady bugs into your garden then you need to follow some interesting steps which are quite easy.

  • The first thing to do is to select certain plants which attract the ladybugs magnetically into your garden. It is said that bugs get attracted to umbrella shaped flowers and different species of plants.
  • Maintain organic gardening by eliminating the use of chemical sprays and pesticides to kill insects and aphids. These harms ladybugs and make the pests as poison for them to feed upon.
  • Fill your garden with white cosmos, dandelions, fennel trees, fragrant geranium plants as they attract lady bugs very soon.
  • Give them the food like wheast which keeps them hanging upon the leaves by making the aphids run away from there.
  • Remember to release them before dawn and after dusk  to make them act in a proper way.
  • And finally, drench or water your garden before releasing the bugs as they can quench their thirst to perform further actions.

Hence, use live lady bugs to combat the problem of pests which are killing the plants and spoiling the glory of your garden.

Source: Live ladybugs for sale

Grasshopper Control Tips

If you were in the gardening work previously, then you might have experience about the garden pests and how they create problems for you in the garden. Really, it is  the most horrifying thought when your garden is infested with more grasshoppers. It is something which you don’t wish to happen even if you don’t get rid of it. Every year the amount of grasshoppers increase creating more problem for you and your children without letting to spend time in the evenings.


How to get rid of them? How to stop the troubles created by them during nights? The best solution is to follow certain tips and methods which facilitates you to eradicate them completely from your garden and backyard.

Actually, grasshoppers are the parts which are found more on landscapes. There are many species which damages the farmland and planted trees in the garden. Home owners and urban residents can minimize this problem by using barriers which stops the grasshoppers to enter into homes and gardens. Let us learn a few tips that are more helpful in every way.

Tips to control grasshopper

  • Use insect repellent in your house to keep free from the insects and grasshoppers. The pests in your home can also be the reason to let grasshoppers in. You need to spray some insect repellents or pesticides on the plants in your garden so that the grasshoppers won’t invade plants for their meal but do not kill the beneficial insects because they can help your plants.
  • Cut off all the waste plants and weeds which are growing in your garden. They are bad to look and even encourage the grasshopper to settle over there.
  • Rare more birds as the pests in your garden are more afraid of birds. Make an effort to hang a bird feeder to attract birds in your garden. With this you are going to find change in the population of grasshoppers. This is not a fast process but better than using poisonous insecticides which are not safe for birds.
  • You can also make use of grasshopper baits to get rid of them.
  • Make use of neem oil which has a drastic effect on grasshoppers from day one as they get confused to eat plants and don’t  find rest time. As the days pass on, grasshoppers changes its place to take a rest and completely goes away from your garden.
  • Plant native species of plants which repel the common pests. They have the system to stop grasshoppers from taking shelter upon them and looking for a meal.
  • Maintain healthy soil which plays an important role to remove pests. It makes the palnats healthier with a true organic garden.
  • Add composts, fertilizers which are rich in nutrients as they eliminate problems.

More useful tips to try without any cost

The best method to get rid of grasshoppers is to use pesticide soaps as there are fatty acids in it which works quickly on them. When the grasshopper touches this soap or comes in contact with it, then the grasshopper gets dissolved with its outer membrane. It leads to dehydration and at last death of grasshopper. You must be careful in using it at the same can happen with plants.

Therefore follow the above tips to get rid of grasshoppers in a complete way as your kids frighten with them.

Gardening Tips

Gardening has become a delightful hobby for folks all around the world. Most of them create new gardens in their open yards and spacious places to create an scented and aromatic flowers for birds  and fruits and vegetables for the family. No matter how much place you have to maintain garden but definitely it is going to create a masterpiece in front of your home. There are many rewards from a garden to you and your family, you get to see the visual of your creation, able to feel the scent of flowers, get fresh air all the time, can perform exercises in the morning and have a cup of tea with snack in the evening with family.


If you are  a beginner in the profession by maintaining a garden then you have to follow certain gardening tips which helps you to create an excellent piece of garden in your front yard and back yard.

Tips to maintain garden with varieties of plants

  • The first step towards gardening is to mulch the top soil as mulching protects the topsoil of your garden from being blown away by air. It is important to protect because it provided required nutrients and improves the appearance of plants.
  • Prepare soil as soil preparation is the main tip to provide a good foundation for the growth of plants.
  • Pour required water as an excess amount of water may spoil the plants without giving enough oxygen through the root system.
  • The plants which are healthy is more resistant to diseases. So you have to maintain healthy and strong plants to combat diseases and pests.
  • Clean the plants with soapy liquid as it eradicates harmful pest. This tip is suitable for fruit bearing trees and fit to be eaten plants.
  • Make use of compost fertilizers which are a great way to save money by spending on expensive fertilizers.
  • You must understand the nature of plants and which soil and climate is suitable to grow it. This avoids to purchase unnecessary plants and get those which suits best in your region.
  • Growing grass in your front or backyard gives a better look to your home and allows you to earn money by selling beds of grass legally.
  • Keep the plants safe from pests and insects as they attract quickly to plants which leads to lots of pests in your garden.
  • Use organic tips to benefit your garden with more number of plants.

Final thoughts

However, if you are  beginner then all the above gardening tips can be useful to you when planting trees and dwarf plants in your garden. You can imply your own tips to maintain garden other than tips taken from books or suggested by others.

It is believed that each and every gardener has their own tips and methods in maintaining a beautiful garden which is green every time and in every season. This is all due to the hard work and labor done by you which is giving you fruits in the form of money earned from gardening.

Source:  Grasshopper Control

Common Garden Insects

You might have seen different types of insects and worms that rare in your garden after dusk. You feel a little bit frightened by them but they are not harmful to you. They are found all over the garden due to the presence of beautiful plants and fragrant flowers which attract them to occupy garden areas. You might have seen during early hours in the morning that the insects suck the nectar and feed on the pollen grains of flowers. It looks interesting to watch but in some way they are harmful to plants and grass as they spoil the growth of plants and trees by sucking the useful nutrients and releasing saliva into the plants which makes them dead.


How to deal with these common garden insects?

It is quite challenging to deal but you need to find proper ways to make the insects leave the garden. You can plant trees which attract birds as birds are the best attackers for pests as they kill them easily with their pointed beak. Among all the insects some are useful and the remaining are dangerous that kills plants.

In case of useful insects, lady bugs are the most friendly insects which helps to get rid of pests from the garden by acting as a natural pesticide for the gardener. Thus welcome the birds by placing a pot of water or by creating a bird house  where they can catch the caterpillars or other insects and feed upon them.

Useful common garden insects

From al the insects there are some useful insects which are very good to rare in the farm and in the garden. They are the attackers for pests which usually hide in the corners and holes in the garden. Among the insects the most common are wasps, slugs and ants which are more helpful in eradicating the pests completely in a slow process. There is no need of artificial pesticides to control insects as these common garden useful insects kills the pests in an easy way. As this is an organic method of maintaining gardens, you need to maintain it in the same way by keeping it clean from pests and harmful insects.

How to control common insects which are not useful?

The insects which are not useful for your garden can be controlled with the help of organic methods. You need to frequently check the rims of pots, undersurface of logs, piles of rocks, shrubs where snails and slugs roost. Pick them  with traps and store in plastic bottles. Beer them in  cut off bottle made of plastic as it traps them from letting outside. Fit a copper tape around the rims of the pot  if you have placed them in the pot. You can let it out of your garden by trapping in this way which keeps your garden clean from pests upto some extent.

Therefore be way from bad insects and welcome good insects which keeps your garden safe from bad insects and pests. And the most important thing is you are not advices to use insecticides as it may harm the growth of plants by making the insects difficult to feed upon the dead pests which are poisonous for them instead if having beneficial nematodes

Beneficial Insects for Gardens

The best way to control pests in your garden is  to encourage their usual enemies that controls them in every way. The garden is the place where there is shelter for a number of insects and pests which are found in the grass, on the plants, in the flowers and other places. You need to introduce beneficial insects by planting trees and plants which attract and provide protection for them to take place and lay eggs to double their number. This is nothing but an organic gardening which increases the ecological diversity of your garden.


Here are some beneficial insects which get attracted to your garden.


These insects are pale green or brown in color with veined wings which feed mainly on the flower nectar. They are considered as voracious predators which feed on thrips, aphids, scales, moth eggs, mites and caterpillars.

Predator bugs

The predatory bugs include ambush bugs, minute pirate bugs, assassin bugs which are peon many pests. They pests on spider mites, tomato hornworms, leafhopper nymphs, insect eggs, small caterpillars and corn earworms. Actually, pirate bugs are attracted more by nectar and pollen grains of pants. Mostly they get attracted to bunch grasses, buckwheat, shrubs and other plants which provide shelter to them. In other words they are like soldier bugs to your garden.


Lady bugs are the more preferred insects by most of the gardeners as there are more number of species found in them. Most of the adult ladybugs feed on aphids and other insects and save the plants from getting spoiled by the pests.  These ladybugs insects can be attracted by beautiful plants which give a pleasant aroma and fragrance all the time.

Syrphid flies

These flies are also known as hover flies or aka flower flies which look like small bees with stripes on their body. It has a grayish or with a greenish slug like larvae with pointed heads.  These flies get attracted to flowering plants as they fed more on pollen grains and nectar. They feed on the insects which are in tight regions and are more helpful in spring season.

Ground beetles

These beneficial insects are large in size with long legged and shiny black, blue or brown beetles. They normally hide under the rocks and wooden logs at the day time and move very fast when disturbed by any sudden action. They feed on snails, root maggots, slugs, Colorado potato beetle larvae and cutworms. They are attracted by providing large stones, logs and other perennial covers. They feed on most of the insects and reduce the number of pests in the garden.

Parasitic and hunting wasps

There are hundreds of species of wasps, you find a few to see as they are tiny in size. These wasps attack the eggs of pests and the most important group of insects which provide control of pests in the garden. These wasps are attracted by the nectar of plants and pollen grains.

Thus, there a are many more beneficial insects to introduce  to your garden in an effective way and control the pests. If you wish to follow completely organic gardening then these insects are more beneficial for your garden by controlling the harmful pests in a  natural way.

Source: Arbico Organics