Those who are garden enthusiasts and has a good collection of different plants in the garden attain benefits through this beneficial nematodes. It gives value to plants and soil by controlling the unwanted insects and flies present in the soil. It is sometimes so hard to manage the different types of insects, worms, ants, flies and cutworms which spoils the growth of plants.

When you treat the plant  with beneficial nematodes which are present in the soil , then they control pest insects , larvae or grubs that are always harmful to the growth of plants. These nematodes target only the pests from entering through the mouth of larvae, respiratory opening or any other opening and starts feeding on them. This product is not open to the elements like animals and human beings which causes health risk

How to apply these beneficial nematodes?

You need to follow certain steps in applying them. Actually, nematodes require damp soil to find the host as it becomes difficult for them to move in dry soil. You must add water to the pest infested region before adding nematodes. There should be limited water as excessive amounts of water will not attack the pests.

It is very simple to apply in an optimum time when there are larvae in soil. You must mix this with water and spread on the soil where there are crops and big useful plants.

What actually are these nematodes in general?

They are roundworms from a film nematode class which reside in huge amounts in the soil. Most of them are better known as plant parasitic organisms which are found upon plant roots. On the other hand , researches have proved that nematodes are more advantageous which help in a complete way in controlling harmful pests and also in the degradation of organic matter.

Best natural way to get rid of insects that destroy lawns and useful plants

Beneficial nematodes are very effective on grubs, larvae, flea beetles, cutworms, black vine weevils, June beetles, rose chafer, army worms and other insects. To control all these pests, nematodes are the only organisms that naturally attack a wide variety of pests in agricultural farm and in your garden.

Storage and handling of this  natural pest control

  • You have to follow the instructions on the package for best method of mixing it in water. There are different formulations for different insects.
  • They can be mixed in water and stored in a cool place, but should not be placed in a hot vehicle or left in spray bottles or tanks for a long time.
  • It is because, nematodes require moisture to move freely in soil. Take care to use the only required amount of water to soak the soil.

Application is easy to follow

Sometimes, most of the nematodes are compatible when used in a pressurized form, through aerial sprayers, in the form of mist or through pump sprayers. Every method you follow to apply it works well. Nowadays the farmers are using these for an irrigation system to save some useful crops.

They don’t need any mask or other safety equipment as they are safe for animals and human beings as they don’t leave any residues after application.